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We will perservere!

Status: New York state is in phase 3 of it's reopening plans, but New York City is not!

It's becoming more and more clear that New York City's Jazz venues are severely being pushed to the brink of non-existence.

I'm not sure how the jazz venues that do survive will get the financial support to reopen and maintain the Covid 19 guidelines that are place on them.

The challenge: For all jazz enthusiast let us find ways and/or come up with ideas on how to keep our beloved jazz venues alive.

We are nearing the point to releasing our new biweekly episodes of Jazz it Up! As mentioned in the last newsletter, these episodes will combine never release performances and virtual interviews to complement the jazz news. Stay tuned.

Ok, like our last Jazz inBetween newsletter, I incorporated Spotlight performances from past seasons. This edition features a rare trio of jazz men that mesmerize you without a sax or drum player. Also, we have a jazz pianist whose music takes through an artful myriad of musical complexities and soul-jazz churchiness. So, check out the trio of Christian McBride, Nicolas Payton and Mark Whitfield @ Jazz Standard and the Cyrus Chestnut Band @ Riverbank Park in NYC

- George W. Moorer, Jr., creator/producer

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Thelonious Monk Concert Album Palo Alto Coming Out This Month

Thelonious Monk’s Palo Alto, the first-ever release of a recording made at Palo Alto High School on October 27, 1968, was postponed earlier this year. Originally scheduled to be released by Impulse! Records on July 31, its release was pulled due to circumstances outside the label’s control, an Impulse! representative told Pitchfork at the time. Now, a new release date has been announced for Palo Alto, and another label is involved.

John Coltrane’s Giant Steps Gets 60th Anniversary Reissue

John Coltrane’s Giant Steps is one of the most important albums in American music history. The 1960 release marked the first time Coltrane ever released an album entirely of his own compositions; the title track is considered an essential part of the jazz canon.

Jazz Has Always Been Protest Music. Can It Meet This Moment?

Over the past 50 years, the music has become entrenched in academic institutions. As a result, it’s often inaccessible to, and disconnected from, many of the very people who created it: young Black Americans.

Judith & Dave O’Higgins share His’n’Hers album preview

While jazz is known for its musical families (from Montgomery to Marsalis among many others) simpatico husband and wife projects are a rarity – which is why the partnership of Judith and Dave O’Higgins is particularly notable.

The Woman Whose Invention Helped Win a War — and Still Baffles Weathermen

Her work long overlooked, physicist Joan Curran developed technology to conceal aircraft from radar during World War II.

But in the post-lunch hours, meteorologists started picking up what seemed to be a rogue thunderstorm on the weather radar. The “blob,” as they referred to it, mushroomed on the radar screen. By 4 PM, it covered the entire city of Huntsville. Strangely, however, the actual view out of peoples’ windows remained a calm azure.


A Jazz it Up! highlight with McBride, Payton and Whitfield in NYC

In season 2 episode 3 Jazz it Up! was at Jazz Standard in NYC to see a phenomenal trio of Christian McBride, Nicholas Payton and Mark Whitfield

A Jazz it Up! highlight with Cyrus Chestnut

In season 2 episode 7 Jazz it Up! was at Riverbank State Park in Harlem to see Cyrus Chestnut perform.

Chic Corea - Plays

Chick Corea: Plays

You need only close your eyes, and you are there. Corea takes you by the hand and welcomes you into an intimate gathering.


Chic Corea - Plays

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