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New York City is not Ready!

Status: "We are going to postpone phase three indoor dining for New York City until the facts change and it is prudent to open. At this point, it isn't prudent. This is a New York City-only modification because frankly it's a problem that is most pronounced in New York City," Governor Cuomo. Ok. That means our jazz venues won't be opening anytime soon. I do understand the seriousness of this pandemic, It's wreaking havoc on the economy and peoples lives.

Jazz it Up! reaches thousands of jazz lovers all over the world. In efforts to help venues and artist in these trying times, I'm offering to use this newsletter to promote jazz artist's music by providing a link to where we can buy it. Send your artwork (jpg or png) and a link (Apple, Amazon, etc.) I will incorporate it into our jazz spotlight viewing page at NO COST. The same for venues when they open up again.
All I ask is that you're a subscriber to Jazz it Up!

Like our last Jazz inBetween newsletter, I incorporated Spotlight performances from season 1 and 2. This edition features two women who are phenomenal saxophonists. Each of them gives you their style of jazz. So, check out Grace Kelly and Tia Fuller.
- George W. Moorer, Jr., creator/producer

Be featured on Jazz it Up!

If you are a jazz artist, composer, educator, manager or someone works in the jazzworld industry, we want to hear from you. Lets get you on Jazz it Up!

Thank you to Joe Belardo. He sent us video links to Maya Belardo, a teen Jazz singer. Look for her in upcoming episodes of Jazz it Up!

Erie Blues & Jazz Festival Moves to Television Due to Pandemic

For 27 years, Erie's Blues & Jazz Festival has been one of Erie's go-to summer events. And while the 28th year won't be canceled, it will look much different thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Festival organizers announced on social media on Sunday the 2020 Erie's Blues & Jazz Festival will be broadcast on television and radio since it won't be possible to safely gather thousands of people at Frontier Park.

Book Review: Echoes: Jazz Experimentalism in Germany 1950-1975”

The discourse of jazz history favours the notion of revolution. The bop revolution is seen as a rejection of the values and methods of the swing era and the big bands of that era; the modal and free jazz movements of the 1960s onwards are also seen as throwing off and abandoning the constraints of a harmonic approach to jazz.

Online jazz fest better than nothing, but VP wants 'real' festival next year

MONTREAL — This year’s edition of the Montreal International Jazz Festival may have given music fans a glimpse into how they’ll be attending performances for the next little while. After cancelling what would have been the 41st edition of the festival in April, the festival held online shows through Facebook from Saturday until Tuesday evening. The performances can be seen on the festival’s website until July 30.

Community Music School Presents Virtual Jazz Camp for Adults and Youth

The Community Music School is excited to be holding virtual jazz camps this year for adults and for youth in grades 7-12. The camps will be held June 22-26 through Zoom meetings, YouTube live videos, and IfCM prerecorded videos.

Trumpeter Wynton Marsalis on music and social upheaval: ‘jazz teaches you to create the change’

Legendary jazz musician Wynton Marsalis has spoken about music’s power to affect change, and the role of jazz in moments of conflict and injustice. Speaking to Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC following anti-racism protests around the US, the nine-time Grammy winner said: “The blues teaches you that sometimes things don’t work out. And you have to use your will to create the change you want to see.”

A Jazz it Up! highlight with Grace Kelly at The Rubin Museum

In season 2 episode 2 of Jazz it Up! we featured Grace Kelly at The Rubin Museum.

A Jazz it Up! highlight with Tia Fuller at Sweet Rhythm

In season 1 episode 2 of Jazz it Up! we featured Tia Fuller at Sweet Rhythm.

Tord Gustavsen Trio: The Other Side

In spiritual parlance, "the other side" often refers to a realm beyond death. Tord Gustavsen is no stranger to integrating music to religious practice, performing frequent "Musikkmeditasjon" concerts in Norwegian churches. It would be reductive, however, to describe his music in New Age terms.


Tord Gustavsen Trio: The Other Side

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