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Saturday Morning Jazz- Enjoy your day

Since the last newsletter, we have many new subscribers. I like to say thank you to all of you for your support of Jazz it Up!.


Most importantly, I've been receiving feedback. I truly appreciate that you like what I'm doing to support jazz, its artists and provide general jazz music news.


Jazz festivals are coming back! I'm looking forward to attending a few later this year. So look out for us and say hello. 


Now, like all of the Jazz inBetween newsletters, I've incorporated Spotlight performances from seasons 1 and 2. This edition features a drummer and trumpeter. Check out, Carl Allen and Roy Hargrove. Enjoy!
- George W. Moorer, Jr., creator/producer


Be featured on Jazz it Up!

If you are a jazz artist, composer, educator, manager or someone works in the jazzworld industry, we want to hear from you. Lets get you on Jazz it Up!


'Charlie Parker's Yardbird' soars at Pittsburgh Opera

When someone mentions Charlie Parker, it’s jazz music, not opera that springs to mind.
The revolutionary saxophonist, nicknamed “Yardbird” and developed bebop, had a complicated life offstage with multiple marriages and struggles with addiction that contributed to his untimely death in 1955 at age 34.



Music Commentary: The Seven Ages of Jazz-Kind

My daughter has been hijacked, at least for the moment, by pop music, so she is currently forsaking the Seven Ages of Jazz-Kind list. But for other parents trying to evaluate their offspring’s development, or for adults unsure of their own stage of development, I hope this proves useful.


The history of jazz music in Pittsburgh

Everyone knows their names - Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis and Dizzy Gillespie. All are great legends who performed often in Pittsburgh because of the city’s rich history with jazz. It’s a history that started nearly 100 years ago.


San Jose Jazz set to debut new jazz venue in downtown

San Jose Jazz is opening what it calls a state-of-art venue for jazz music in downtown San Jose.
It’s a pop-up video recording and performance venue called the SJZ Break Room, which will make its debut next month as part of the SJZ New Works Fest 2021 that runs April 29 to May 8. It will also host shows during the organization’s summer and winter festivals, as well as at other points throughout the year.


Jazz in surprising places

Some cities are hotspots for jazz. For sure jazz giants such as New Orleans, New York and Chicago come to mind. But that’s not to say you can’t soothe your soul in the way that only jazz can do elsewhere. Here are some of the cities where you can do just that.

A Jazz it Up! Spotlight with Carl Allen

In season 1 episode 9 of Jazz it Up! we featured Carl Allen @ The Rubin Museum of Art.

A Jazz it Up! Spotlight with Roy Hargrove

In season 2 episode 2 of Jazz it Up! we featured Roy Hargrove.


Greg Skaff: Polaris

New album Polaris, which features two NEA Jazzmasters, Ron Carter & Tootie Heath.


Greg Skaff: Polaris

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